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… secure, scalable, resilient application infrastructure you need for a SOA …

IBM WebSphere platform integration & development

BTB as Premier level IBM® Business Partner on the foundation of the IBM® WebSphere® software platform delivers the secure, scalable, resilient application infrastructure and services you need for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


WebSphere platform overview

With WebSphere platform we build and deploy re-usable application services quickly and easily, with a simple set of tools and interfaces, but also:

  • Leverage the industry’s premier Java™ Enterprise Edition (Java EE™) and Web services application platform to help build, run, integrate and manage dynamic business applications.
  • Run services in a reliable, scalable, highly available, environment to ensure business opportunities are not lost due to application downtime.
  • Secure applications and data with a resilient, standards-based security infrastructure that will remove vulnerable threats while maximizing developer productivity.
  • Reuse software assets and extend their reach with standards-based messaging and the latest Web services standards.
  • Manage applications effortlessly with powerful, easy-to-use tools for administration and monitoring.
  • Scale quickly and securely across the broadest set of platforms in the industry.
  • Grow as needs evolve, leveraging core assets and skills, with hundreds of IBM and Business Partner products built on top of WebSphere Application Server.

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IBM Rational Application Developer

BTB uses a comprehensive Eclipse-based development environment that helps us to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, and profile applications.

IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere® Software helps BTB developers to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile and deploy high-quality Web, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Java, Java EE and portal applications. For an on demand world in which software development is a key business process, this tool helps us increase productivity, minimize your learning curve and shorten the development and test cycles. It includes full support for the Java EE programming model, integrated portal development features, UML™ visual editing capabilities, code analysis functions and automated test and deployment tools.

With Rational Application Developer you can shorten the development and test cycles so that you can deploy high quality applications quickly.

  • Supports SOA development includes visual construction tools for developing the services needed in SOA applications and provides the tools you need to discover, create, build, test, deploy and publish the services that comprise SOA applications.
  • Easy to build, test and deploy Java EE applications includes full support for the Java EE programming model, including Web, Java, Web services and EJB development to help you speed development and better understand and manage complex code. A visual editor enables drag-and-drop creation of interfaces, as well as binding data to interface components.
  • Visual developer tools for WebSphere Portal includes a complete set of visual portal development tools for building and debugging portlet applications and entire portals.
  • Automated deployment tools include support for testing and debugging of local and server-side code on IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, Apache Tomcat, and BEA WebLogic Server®.
  • Rational Application Developer is based on Eclipse, an extensible platform for constructing and integrating software development tools.

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