BTB presents at “Outsource 2 Europe” conference in Stockholm

On 21st November, BTB will be one of six members of Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx) that will present on „Outsource 2 Europe“ conference in Stockholm. The conference topic is joining Scandinavian companies interested to outsource the development of IT solutions to companies from countries in Southeast Europe that can provide development services.

“Earlier many western companies looked to India and Far East for getting their IT-jobs done at affordable prices. Now you don’t have to look as far as that! Instead look to the “near East”, Southeast Europe to be more precise.
The evolution of IT companies in this corner of Europe has been going on at a tremendous speed lately, many of them now offering highly advanced IT and media experts at prices that clearly can compete with those in the Far East and are way below what is standard in Western Europe. All within 2-3 hours flight from Scandinavia in the same time zone and with a European mindset.”

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