BTB becomes a Novum partner

Beta Tau Beta has become a Novum partner with it state of the art insurance industry software. Novum develops a powerful standard software for insurers since 1993. The V’ger software platform is successfully used as an all-class system in numerous insurances.

As standard software for insurers V’ger incorporates all performance components for carrying out complex insurance processes.

  • The V’ger software platform builds a bridge between standard software and individual software.
  • The standard software is integrated quickly and securely into existing software architectures.
  • Standard components developed in collaboration with insurance companies, the “insurance pattern”, complete our service offer in the field of insurance software.
  • The V’ger software platform incorporates all areas of life insurance (capital, risk, and fund), health insurance, composite, property insurance, accident insurance, corporate pension plan, travel insurance, residual debt insurance, general liability insurance, industrial insurance, reinsurance etc.
  • Within the insurance classes, all insurance requests such as portfolio, proposal, commission, partner, claim, benefit, encashment, fund management, product server, product kit, etc. are fully supported.
  • As insurance software V’ger manages insurance products flexibly, quickly and inexpensively. The sustainability of the standard software to guarantee long lasting operability is one of our key goals. And this is the case for the management of products and their portfolios of any insurance class.

More about Novum read here.


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