Meet HipChat, the newest member of the Atlassian family

Atlassian has acquired HipChat — a transformative hosted group chat service that helps teams, or entire companies, collaborate in real-time. HipChat is instant messaging built for business. It has no ads, obscure screen names, or failed file transfers. Instead, you can collaborate in real-time with colleagues and clients in persistent chat rooms — sharing information like chats, images, and automatic updates from integrated products, like JIRA or Confluence.

HipChat stores full conversation history, so anyone new that joins a room can catch up and participate in the discussion. It also supports all the modern social conventions, like @mentions to help direct specific messages to specific people quickly and easily.

Oh, and HipChat is simple enough for the whole company to use, not just the techies. Your team can access HipChat from virtually anywhere — from any browser, from desktop apps for Windows or Macs or any Jabber (XMPP client) and from mobile phones through native iPhone, iPad and Android apps or SMS.

More about HipChat read on official Atlassian blog.

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